Back Pain? You may have a Slipped Disc

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You think your body is only suffering from common ailments? It can be more than that. The human body, when it gets overworked or neglected, has a higher chance of falling into sickness. Just because you eat properly and drink vitamins daily, just because you exercise and pursue a healthy, active lifestyle, does not mean that you are invulnerable to disease and pain. Sickness, like accident, is unpredictable; even the healthiest person can be struck by it. Even the common cold or flu can get worse when you ignore it simply because you think it will pass.

The simple back pain may be more than what you assume. It may not be caused by simple overwork and stress. It can be something worse, like a slip disc.

Slipped disc, also known as prolapsed or herniated disc, is a spine disorder that occurs when the outer layer of the spine disc splits and the nucleus leaks out. This may cause back pain and discomfort. In some cases when the slipped disk compresses a spinal nerve, it can also lead to numbness and pain along the affect part. It can also lead to leg weakness.

There are many treatments for slip disc nowadays. A magnetic resonance scan can help diagnose slip disc at an early stage. Sometimes they use physiotherapy to treat it, but when the patient’s condition gets worse, key surgery may be required to remove the leaked nucleus.

The bones and muscles are a vital part of our motion, and should be kept in mind. It does not matter whether you work in a construction site or in the office. Every part of your body is relevant, and it will not hurt to check them every now and then. Who knows, you may save yourself from more dangerous health issues.

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