What is slipped disc?

Slipped Disc

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Slipped disc is also known as prolapsed or herniated disc (Figure 1). It occurs when the outer layer (annulus) of the disc splits (Figure 2) and the ‘gel’ (nucleus) leaks out (Figure 3,4). The slipped disc may cause back pain as the disc becomes incompetent and unable to bear your body weight. The patient usually unable to tolerate prolong sitting or standing. The leakage of ‘gel’ may also irritate or compress the surrounding nerves resulting leg pain (sciatica). In worse case scenario, patient may experiences numbness or leg weakness. A magnetic resonance scan at early stage may help to prevent slipped disc if the ‘tear’ of the outer layer is identified and sealed with annuloplasty (Disc Fx) procedure. A keyhole surgery may be required removing the ‘gel’ (nucleus) if failed six weeks of conservative treatment with pain medication or physiotherapy.