What is spinal stenosis?




Severe spinal cord compression or ‘stenosis’ resulting loss of balance in walking


Severe spinal cord compression resulting inability to stand unaided




Severe spinal cord compression with loss of hand dexterity and stiffness. Patient unable to match my normal speed of hand movement


This is the most common disease encountered by spine specialist and accounts for 80% surgical caseload. The disease is due to aging of the spine with narrowing of the spinal canal (Figure 1, 2). It may occur in the neck or lower back resulting in progressive weakness, numbness and pain in walking. In severe or long standing cases, the patient may experience loss of balance in standing and walking (Video 1, 2). Some patient may also complaints of loss of hand dexterity and ‘stiffness’ in hand function (Video 3). The spine specialist will carefully consult you regarding the management and in majority of the cases, we recommend early surgery to halt the progression of the disease and preserve function.


95.8FM Radio Station Health Talk with Dr.Ng in Mandarin 2015

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