What is spine osteoporosis fracture?



It is estimated that 1 in 3 women with diagnosis of osteoporosis will experience back pain as a result of vertebra fracture (Figure 1, 2). It is recommended that women over age of 60 or early post-menopausal female to undergo bone density screening to monitor the bone strength quality. Healthy lifestyle with appropriate daily calcium and vitamin D supplement will help prevent osteoporosis.

Research studies have shown that mismanaged osteoporosis fracture can results in long term morbidity and chronic back pain even after the bone heals. Various conservative and surgical treatments are available for pain relief and preservation of back function. Although back braces are commonly prescribed for this condition, elderly patient’s tolerances and compliances to this traditional method is poor. The modern management with cementing (Stentoplasty or kyphoplasty) of the fractured vertebrae maybe a better option for immediate pain relief, bone strengthening and prevention of hump back deformity.