Spine Treatment Gets Advanced

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We can never deny the fact that technology revolutionized the world of medicine. It has been beneficial to every single part of the field. Technology has provided innovations in various branches of medicine: surgery, dentistry, cardiology and a lot more. Technology has relevantly affected the field of orthopaedic surgery. As years passed by and inventions kept on upgrading to become more useful and efficient, more and more lives are saved.

Spine surgery is one of the most complicated medications. A failed surgery can lead to permanent impairment, or worse, death. Thus we are fortunate to have the latest technology today.

There are a lot of innovative technologies now used for spine treatment in Singapore. The O-arm computer is an imaging technology providing surgeons real-time images during a spine surgery. It has a navigational component that works like GPS – it tracks the location of all implants in relation to the nerve and spinal cord. The O-arm is very useful in operations that require accuracy, like screw insertion and optimum implant placement in more complex spine surgeries.

The lateral access spine surgery is a new method used to perform operations to remedy slip disc. It is an advanced keyhole technique performed through the patient’s side in order to access the disc space and avoiding the major muscle at the back. This method is a safer way to perform surgery on slipped disc, because the surgeons avoid nerve manipulation and preserves facet joint. Moreover, with this method, there is no need to remove part of the spinal joint to access the disc. It also lessens blood loss and muscle damage.

There are many other forms of technology that makes spine surgery easier and more cost-efficient. With these innovations, more lives are going to be made better.

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